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Publications of Chuihua Kong (9 listed):

Pest Management Science (2017) 73, 2310-2317
Xue-Fang Yang, Chui-Hua Kong, Xia Yang and Yong-Feng Li (2017)
Interference of allelopathic rice with penoxsulam-resistant barnyardgrass

Pest Management Science (2013) 69, 142-148
Chui-Hua Kong, Ming-Li Wang, Peng Wang, Han-Wen Ni and Xiang-Rui Meng (2013)
Reproduction allocation and potential mechanism of individual allelopathic rice plants in the presence of competing barnyardgrass

Weed Biology and Management (2013) 13, 62-69
Bin Zhou, Chui-Hua Kong, Peng Wang and Yong-Hua Li (2013)
Chemical constituents of the essential oils of wild oat and crabgrass and their effects on the growth and allelochemical production of wheat

Pest Management Science (2012) 68, 1512-1522
Min Zhang, Xiao-Hua Xu, Yan Cui, Long-Guan Xie and Chui-Hua Kong (2012)
Synthesis and herbicidal potential of substituted aurones

Pest Management Science (2010) 66, 1018-1024
Chui-Hua Kong, Xiao-Hua Xu, Min Zhang and Song-Zhu Zhang (2010)
Allelochemical tricin in rice hull and its aurone isomer against rice seedling rot disease

Weed Biology and Management (2010) 10, 73-80
Chui Hua Kong (2010)
Ecological pest management and control by using allelopathic weeds (Ageratum conyzoides, Ambrosia trifida, and Lantana camara) and their allelochemicals in China

Pest Management Science (2008) 64, 276-282
Chui-Hua Kong, Fei Hu, Peng Wang and Jing-Lun Wu (2008)
Effect of allelopathic rice varieties combined with cultural management options on paddy field weeds

Weed Research (2006) 46, 290-295
C.H. Kong, P. Wang, C.X. Zhang, M.X. Zhang and F. Hu (2006)
Herbicidal potential of allelochemicals from Lantana camara against Eichhornia crassipes and the alga Microcystis aeruginosa

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2005) 31, 2193-2203
Chuihua Kong, Fei Hu, Xiaohua Xu, Maoxin Zhang and Wenju Liang (2005)
Volatile allelochemicals in the Ageratum conyzoides intercropped citrus orchard and their effects on mites Amblyseius newsami and Panonychus citri