Chrysops dimidiata

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distribution of Chrysops dimidiata and Chrysops silacea in West Africa (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Xavier Badia-Rius, Hannah Betts, David H. Molyneux and Louise A. Kelly-Hope
Source: Parasites & Vectors (2019) vol.12 art.72
Chrysops dimidiata (top) and Chrysops silacea (bottom)
Author(s): Grace Edwards
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Chrysops dimidiata Wulp, 1885

This species of deer flies is found in Central and West Africa, where it transmits Loa loa, a filarial nematode that causes loiasis in humans (African eye worm). The nematode usually moves into the skin during the day and into the lungs during the night. It can also migrate into the eye, causing inflammations and less often, blindness.

Chrysops dimidiata bites during the day when the parasitic worms are found near the skin. The disease is also transmitted by Chrysops silacea, a larger species. Both species of deer flies have a similar distribution and occupy similar habitats in the rainforest.