Chrysocharis laricinellae (parasitoid)

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Chrysocharis laricinellae on the case of its host, the larch casebearer (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Roger Ryan, USFS PNW Station
Source: IPM Images

Chrysocharis laricinellae (parasitoid) (Ratzeburg, 1848)

This wasp is native to Europe and has been released in North America in the 1930s against the birch leaf-mining sawfly (Heterarthrus nemoratus) as well as the larch casebearer, Coleophora laricella (Bartlett et al., 1978). It parasitises both hosts in Europe.

C. laricinellae is a solitary endoparasite. Females feed on the host before oviposition and feeding alone can account for significant mortality among the host larvae. On H. nemoratus the parasitoid completes 1-2 generations per years, on C. laricella 2-3 generations. The fully grown larva is the overwintering stage.