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Publications of Charlotte M.S. Mienie (8 listed):

Tropical Plant Pathology (2019) 44, 213-224
Milad Rashidifard, Mariette Marais, Mieke Stefanie Daneel, Charlotte M.S. Mienie and Hendrika Fourie (2019)
Molecular characterisation of Meloidogyne enterolobii and other Meloidogyne spp. from South Africa

Journal of Vector Ecology (2016) 41, 179-185
Tania de Waal, Danica Liebenberg, Gert J. Venter, Charlotte M.S. Mienie and Huib van Hamburg (2016)
Detection of African horse sickness virus in Culicoides imicola pools using RT-qPCR

Nematology (2012) 14, 875-887
Keikantsemang N. Ntidi, Hendrika Fourie, Alexander H. McDonald, Dirk de Waele and Charlotte M.S. Mienie (2012)
Plant-parasitic nematodes associated with weeds in subsistence agriculture in South Africa

Crop Science (2009) 49, 41-48
Phillip N. Miklas, Deidré Fourie, Jennifer Wagner, Richard C. Larsen and Charlotte M.S. Mienie (2009)
Tagging and mapping Pse-1 gene for resistance to halo blight in common bean differential cultivar UI-3

Nematology (2008) 10, 651-661
Hendrika Fourie, Charlotte M.S. Mienie, Alex H. Mc Donald and Dirk de Waele (2008)
Identification and validation of genetic markers associated with Meloidogyne incognita race 2 resistance in soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr

Russian Journal of Nematology (2007) 15, p. 165 (Fourie et al.)
H. Fourie, A.H. McDonald and C. Mienie (2007)
Breeding for resistance to root-knot nematodes in South African soybean
7th International Symposium of the Russian Society of Nematologists (Petrozavodsk, Russia, 9-14 July 2007)

Euphytica (2006) 150, 365-386
Merion M. Liebenberg, Charlotte M.S. Mienie and Zacharias A. Pretorius (2006)
The occurrence of rust resistance gene Ur-13 in common bean cultivars and lines

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2005) 111, 972-979
C.M.S. Mienie, M.M. Liebenberg, Z.A. Pretorius and P.N. Miklas (2005)
SCAR markers linked to the common bean rust resistance gene Ur-13