Carlos A. Perez

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Publications of Carlos A. Perez (4 listed):

Mycological Progress (2011) 10, 273-282
Carlos A. Pérez, Michael J. Wingfield, Nora A. Altier, Sofía Simeto and Robert A. Blanchette (2011)
Puccinia psidii infecting cultivated Eucalyptus and native Myrtaceae in Uruguay

Forest Pathology (2009) 39, 349-360
C.A. Pérez, M.J. Wingfield, N.A. Altier and R.A. Blanchette (2009)
Mycosphaerellaceae and Teratosphaeriaceae associated with Eucalyptus leaf diseases and stem cankers in Uruguay

Plant Pathology (2009) 58, 964-970
C.A. Pérez, M.J. Wingfield, B. Slippers, N.A. Altier and R.A. Blanchette (2009)
Neofusicoccum eucalyptorum, a Eucalyptus pathogen, on native Myrtaceae in Uruguay

Australasian Plant Pathology (2008) 37, 600-604
C.A. Pérez, Z.W. de Beer, N.A. Altier, M.J. Wingfield and R.A. Blanchette (2008)
Discovery of the eucalypt pathogen Quambalaria eucalypti infecting a non-Eucalyptus host in Uruguay