Canadian Journal of Zoology (1959) 37, 391-399

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J.E. McFarlane, A.S.K. Ghouri and C.P. Kennard (1959)
Water absorption by the eggs of crickets
Canadian Journal of Zoology 37 (4), 391-399
Abstract: The amount of water absorbed by Acheta configuratus, Gryllodes sigillatus and two strains of Acheta domesticus during embryonic development varies according to species and strain from 60 to 120% of the weight of newly laid eggs and absorption is more rapid at 33° than 28°C. The stage during which it takes place is the same in all these species and strains. Incubation periods at various temperatures are given.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied from Acridological Abstracts with permission by NRI, Univ. of Greenwich at Medway.)
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Acheta domesticus
Gryllodes sigillatus