Canadian Journal of Plant Science (2018) 98, 38-46

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Wei Guo, Yuanhong Chen, Yasamin Al-Rewashdy, Nicholas Foran, Bao-luo Ma, Weikai Yan, Judith Frégeau-Reid, Jinghui Liu, Changzhong Ren, Denis Pageau, Cecil Vera and Allen G. Xue (2018)
Effect of nitrogen fertilization on seed-borne Fusarium species in oat
Canadian Journal of Plant Science 98 (1), 38-46
Abstract: Fusarium head blight is a common disease of oat and resistant cultivars are not available in Canada. The effect of nitrogen (N) fertilization on the incidence of seed-borne Fusarium spp. was evaluated under natural field conditions in three locations (Ottawa, ON; Melfort, SK; and Normandin, QC) in Canada in 2013 and 2014. At each site, oat cultivars CDC Morrison, AAC Nicolas, and AAC Noranda were used under four levels of N fertilization (0, 50, 100, and 150 kg N ha-1). Of the seven Fusarium spp. recovered, F. poae, F. equiseti, F. graminearum, F. sporotrichioides, and F. avenaceum were the most common species and were isolated from 9.6%, 1.3%, 1.1%, 1.0%, and 0.3% of the harvested grain, representing 72%, 10%, 8%, 7%, and 3% of the pathogen population, respectively. The remaining species, F. acuminatum and F. oxysporum, were each recovered from a single seed only. A significant N treatment effect (P < 0.05) was observed in four of the six location–years in which the highest N treatment of 150 kg N ha-1 resulted in greater incidence of the predominant species (F. poae) and total Fusarium spp. than the untreated control (0 kg N ha-1). Among the commonly recovered species, only seed-borne infection by F. graminearum increased significantly with the levels of N treatments applied. A highly significant effect of location, year, and location × year interaction (P < 0.01) was observed, suggesting that the field and weather conditions have a stronger influence on incidence of seed-borne Fusarium spp. than the N treatments.
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Fusarium poae Oat (Avena sativa) Canada (east)
Fusarium avenaceum Oat (Avena sativa) Canada (east)
Fusarium graminearum Oat (Avena sativa) Canada (west)
Fusarium equiseti Oat (Avena sativa) Canada (east)
Fusarium sporotrichioides Oat (Avena sativa) Canada (east)