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Publications of C. Marzachi

Plant Pathology (2014) 63, 31-41
C. Roggia, P. Caciagli, L. Galetto, D. Pacifico, F. Veratti, D. Bosco and C. Marzachì (2014)
Flavescence dorée phytoplasma titre in field-infected Barbera and Nebbiolo grapevines

Plant Pathology (2013) 62, 452-459
M. Siampour, K. Izadpanah, L. Galetto, M. Salehi and C. Marzachí (2013)
Molecular characterization, phylogenetic comparison and serological relationship of the Imp protein of several ´Candidatus Phytoplasma aurantifolia' strains

Plant Pathology (2011) 60, 1014-1022
R. D'Amelio, G. Berta, E. Gamalero, N. Massa, L. Avidano, S. Cantamessa, G. D'Agostino, D. Bosco and C. Marzachì (2011)
Increased plant tolerance against chrysanthemum yellows phytoplasma (´Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris') following double inoculation with Glomus mosseae BEG12 and Pseudomonas putida S1Pf1Rif

Journal of Plant Pathology (2009) 91, 717-721
C. Marzachì, A. Coulibaly, N. Coulibaly, A. Sangaré, M. Diarra, T. De Gregorio and D. Bosco (2009)
Cotton virescence phytoplasma and its weed reservoir in Mali

Phytopathology (2009) 99, 711-715
D. Pacifico, A. Alma, B. Bagnoli, X. Foissac, G. Pasquini, M. Tessitori and C. Marzachì (2009)
Characterization of bois noir isolates by restriction fragment length polymorphism of a stolbur-specific putative membrane protein gene

Canadian Journal of Microbiology - Revue Canadienne de Microbiologie (2008) 54, 341-351
Luciana Galetto, Jacqueline Fletcher, Domenico Bosco, Massimo Turina, Astri Wayadande and Cristina Marzachì (2008)
Characterization of putative membrane protein genes of the 'Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris', chrysanthemum yellows isolate

Bulletin of Insectology (2007) 60, 317-318
R. D'Amelio, N. Massa, E. Gamalero, G. D'Agostino, S. Sampò, G. Berta, F. Faoro, M. Iriti, D. Bosco and C. Marzachì (2007)
Preliminary results on the evaluation of the effects of elicitors of plant resistance on chrysanthemum yellows phytoplasma infection
First International Phytoplasmologist Working Group Meeting (IPWG), Bologna (Italy) November 12-15, 2007

Phytopathology (2007) 97, 1422-1427
C. Morone, M. Boveri, S. Giosuè, P. Gotta, V. Rossi, I. Scapin and C. Marzachì (2007)
Epidemiology of flavescence dorée in vineyards in northwestern Italy

Journal of Plant Pathology (2004) 86, p. 296 (Marzachi et al.)
C. Marzachi, P. Saracco and D. Bosco (2004)
Multiplication and movement of Chrysanthemum yellows phytoplasma in the host plant Chrysanthemum carinatum
XI Meeting, Italian Society for Plant Pathology, Milan, 29/9 - 1/10, 2004