Bulletin of Insectology (2018) 71, 31-38

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Stefano Bedini, Sabrina Sarrocco, Riccardo Baroncelli, Giovanni Vannacci and Barbara Conti (2018)
Pathogenic potential of Beauveria pseudobassiana as bioinsecticide in protein baits for the control of the medfly Ceratitis capitata
Bulletin of Insectology 71 (1), 31-38
Abstract: The medfly, Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera Tephritidae), is a major insect pest affecting fruit production worldwide whose control is mainly based on the use of protein baits laced with chemical insecticides. Entomopathogenic fungi are wellknown to be effective against a wide spectrum of insect pests and are commonly utilized in integrated pest management and biological control programs. Here, we assess the feasibility of using the recently described entomopathogenic species Beauveria pseudobassiana Rehner et Humber (Hypocreales Cordycipitaceae) as a biological insecticide in protein bait sprays for the control of the medfly. Firstly, we evaluated the pathogenicity of B. pseudobassiana against eggs, larvae, pupae and adults of the medfly. Secondly, we tested its efficacy as bioinsecticide in protein bait sprays. The results of the pathogenicity tests showed that B. pseudobassiana is able to infect, and lead to the death, all instar of the medfly. The efficacy of B. pseudobassiana was confirmed also when used as bioinsecticide in protein baits. In planta tests, the survival probability (Kaplan-Meier estimates) of flies in contact with the B. pseudobassiana-laced protein bait was significantly lower respect to control. Median survival time of flies treated with B. pseudobassiana-laced protein (6 ± 1.422 d) was at least three times shorter than in control (> 20 d). Based on our results, we confirmed the potential of B. pseudobassiana as bioinsecticide in entomopathogenic fungi-laced protein baits for the control of tephritid fruit flies.
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