Bulletin of Insectology (2007) 60, 143-144

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P.G. Weintraub, M. Zeidan, S. Spiegel and A. Gera (2007)
Diversity of the known phytoplasmas in Israel
Bulletin of Insectology 60 (2), 143-144
First International Phytoplasmologist Working Group Meeting (IPWG), Bologna (Italy) November 12-15, 2007
Abstract: Phytoplasma-caused diseases have been identified in Israel in numerous species of various botanical families, primarily from crop plants. Northern Israel has the most diversity of phytoplasma groups followed by the northern Negev desert and Arava valley, with the center of the country having the least. There are proportionally more infected flowers than orchards (including vineyards) or than vegetable crops. Of the 15 known 16S rDNA phytoplasma groups, seven are represented in Israel. It is very likely that at least one group was imported into Israel from another area of the world.
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16SrI phytoplasma group Carrot (Daucus carota) Israel
16SrI phytoplasma group Grapevine (Vitis) Israel
16SrI phytoplasma group Celosia (crop) Israel
16SrII phytoplasma group Gypsophila (crop) Israel
16SrII phytoplasma group Limonium (crop) Israel
16SrII phytoplasma group Mirabilis (crop) Israel
16SrXII phytoplasma group Apricot (Prunus armeniaca) Israel
16SrXII phytoplasma group Green pepper/chilli (Capsicum) Israel
16SrXII phytoplasma group Grapevine (Vitis) Israel
16SrXII phytoplasma group Papaya (Carica papaya) Israel
16SrXII phytoplasma group Cyclamen (crop) Israel
16SrV phytoplasma group Carrot (Daucus carota) Israel
16SrV phytoplasma group Limonium (crop) Israel
16SrVI phytoplasma group Cherry (Prunus avium - Prunus cerasus) Israel
16SrVI phytoplasma group Catharanthus (crop) Israel
16SrVI phytoplasma group Lavender (Lavandula) Israel
16SrVI phytoplasma group Anemone (crop) Israel
16SrVI phytoplasma group Cosmos (crop) Israel
16SrIII phytoplasma group Carrot (Daucus carota) Israel
16SrIII phytoplasma group Grapevine (Vitis) Israel
16SrIII phytoplasma group Celosia (crop) Israel
16SrIX phytoplasma group Limonium (crop) Israel