Bulletin of Entomological Research (1996) 86, 257-262

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T.K. Jacob (1996)
Introduction and establishment of baculovirus for the control of rhinoceros beetle Oryctes rhinoceros (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in the Andaman Islands (India)
Bulletin of Entomological Research 86 (3), 257-262
Abstract: The Kerala isolate of Oryctes baculovirus (OBV-KI) was introduced into the Andaman Islands in May 1987 for the population suppression of Oryctes rhinoceros (Linnaeus). The virus was released initially at four locations along the island chain. In all the places of virus release, damage to coconut palms was reduced by about 90% within 43 months of release. At one place of virus release, Sipighat; the adult beetle population in the field was reduced by 80% within 18 months and by 96% by the end of 55th month of release. Sixty per cent of the adult beetle population in the field showed symptoms of infection 30 months after virus release. The decline in the numbers of breeding sites at Viper Island and Sipighat were 100% and 98% respectively at the end of 43 months of virus release. The rate of spread of the virus in the field was estimated to be about 1 km/month. The beetle population remained at low levels after the establishment of the virus in these islands.
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biocontrol - natural enemies
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classical biocontrol/new introduction

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Oryctes rhinoceros India (Andaman + Nicobar)
Oryctes rhinoceros nudivirus (entomopathogen) Oryctes rhinoceros India (Andaman + Nicobar)