Broad bean stain virus

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symptoms of Broad bean stain virus on faba bean, including a strong mosaic resulting in islands of dark and light tissue on the leaves
Source: PaDIL

Broad bean stain virus (BBSV)

The virus is wide-spread in Africa, Europe and Asia. It infects plants of the family Fabaceae, causing chlorotic mottling and mosaic symptoms on the leaves, and/or leaf deformations. Infections sometimes lead to plant death. Seeds are also affected and show staining and shrivelling.

The virus incidence in the field can be high and rates of up to 50% and more infected plants have been reported. Yield losses can be similarly high. It is transmitted by leaf-chewing beetles of the genera Sitona and Apion. Management options include crop rotation and the use of certified disease-free seeds.

The particles are found in the cytoplasma and are isometric and about 28 nm in diameter. They have a bipartite genome of single-stranded RNA, with RNA-1 being about 6.75 kb and RNA-2 about 4.5 kb large.

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