Biocontrol Science and Technology (2017) 27, 1220-1241

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A. Marín, L. Atarés and A. Chiralt (2017)
Improving function of biocontrol agents incorporated in antifungal fruit coatings: a review
Biocontrol Science and Technology 27 (10), 1220-1241
Abstract: The in-field performance of microbial biocontrol agents (BCAs) against fungal pathogens in fruit is subject to considerable variability due to their sensitivity to both adverse environmental conditions and their fluctuations. Therefore, to achieve an adequate development and implementation of biological agent-based products, it is necessary to improve their resistance and ability to control fungal diseases under a wide range of conditions. In this review, an overview of the latest strategies for the enhancement of the action of BCAs is given. The combination of the antagonists with edible polymers able to form coatings is one of the approaches with the greatest potential and it is analysed in depth. This formulation approach of biocontrol products, including adequate microbial protectants, can yield stable products with high microbial viability, ready for field applications, with improved adherence and survival of the BCA once applied in plant. The most recent studies into this field are reviewed and summarised.
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