Biocontrol Science and Technology (2015) 25, 1-20

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Caroline Knox, Sean D. Moore, Garry A. Luke and Martin P. Hill (2015)
Baculovirus-based strategies for the management of insect pests: a focus on development and application in South Africa
Biocontrol Science and Technology 25 (1), 1-20
Abstract: There is growing concern among governments, scientists, agricultural practitioners and the general public regarding the negative implications of widespread synthetic chemical pesticide application for the control of crop pests. As a result, baculovirus biopesticides are gaining popularity as components of integrated pest management (IPM) programmes in many countries despite several disadvantages related to slow speed of kill, limited host range and complex large scale production. In South Africa, baculoviruses are incorporated into IPM programmes for the control of crop pests in the field, and recent bioprospecting has led to the characterisation of several novel isolates with the potential to be formulated as commercial products. This contribution will provide an overview of the use of baculoviruses against insect pests in South Africa, as well as research and development efforts aimed at broadening their application as biocontrol agents. Challenges faced by researchers in developmental projects as well as potential users of baculoviruses as biopesticides in the field are also discussed.
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