Biocontrol Science and Technology (2012) 22, 1155-1165

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Kengo Nakahira, Yuji Takada, Takeshi Teramoto, Kumiko Kagoshima and Masami Takagi (2012)
Control of potato aphids by the addition of barley strips in potato fields: a successful example of vegetation management
Biocontrol Science and Technology 22 (10), 1155-1165
Abstract: The densities of barley and potato aphids, their natural enemies and hyperparasitoids were assessed in three experimental potato fields as a case study to investigate the effectiveness of the addition of barley strips in potato fields for conservation biological control. These fields were located in a low plant-diversity landscape, but common aphid species and their natural enemies were present. The barley strips in the potato fields were found to support different species of aphids of potato, but these different sets of aphids shared a common set of natural enemies. The amount of time between peak aphid densities and peaks of their natural enemies' populations was shorter in the potato fields than in the barley strips. The levels of winged aphids in a potato monoculture field were significantly higher than those in a field with barley strips. The wingless and winged aphid populations in the field without barley strips was almost three times higher than in the fields with the barley strips, as measured at the peak aphid density. This result is one of few examples of the application of the conservation effect of greenhouse banker plants on outdoor crops.
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