Biocontrol Science and Technology (2009) 19, 627-637

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M.D. Day, N. Riding and A. Chamberlain (2009)
Biology and host range of Ophiomyia camarae Spencer (Diptera: Agromyzidae), a potential biocontrol agent for Lantana spp. (Verbenaceae) in Australia
Biocontrol Science and Technology 19 (6), 627-637
Abstract: The life history and host range of the herringbone leaf-mining fly Ophiomyia camarae, a potential biological control agent for Lantana spp., were investigated. Eggs were deposited singly on the underside of leaves. Although several eggs can be laid on a single leaf and a maximum of three individual mines were seen on a single leaf, only one pupa per leaf ever developed. The generation time (egg to adult) was about 38 days. Females (mean 14 days) lived longer than males (mean 9 days) and produced about 61 mines. Oviposition and larval development occurred on all five lantana phenotypes tested. Eleven plant species representing six families were tested to determine the host range. Oviposition and larval development occurred on only lantana and another nonnative plant Lippia alba (Verbenaceae), with both species supporting populations over several generations. A CLIMEX model showed that most of the coastal areas of eastern Australia south to 30°16' S (Coffs Harbour) would be suitable for O. camarae. O. camarae was approved for release in Australia in October 2007 and mines have been observed on plants at numerous field sites along the coast following releases.
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