Biocontrol Science and Technology (2002) 12, 507-512

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Murali Gopal and Alka Gupta (2002)
An opportunistic bacterial pathogen, Pseudomonas alcaligenes, may limit the perpetuation of Oryctes Virus, a biocontrol agent of Oryctes rhinoceros L.
Biocontrol Science and Technology 12 (4), 507-512
Abstract: Pseudomonas alcaligenes was detected at a high concentration (109-1010 cells mL-1) in the haemolymph of some dead Oryctes rhinoceros grubs collected from its breeding sites in the three southern districts, viz. Alleppey, Quilon and Kottayam of Kerala State, India. In a laboratory colony maintained for production of Oryctes virus, an important biocontrol agent of this major coconut pest, approximately 52% of the grubs succumbed to septicaemia with similar symptoms. The bacterium was found to be a component of the gut microflora of healthy grubs. Occurrence of the viral infection naturally or when induced in the laboratory in the O. rhinoceros grubs, appeared to be one of the biotic stress factors for P.alcaligenes to become an opportunistic pathogen. A preponderance of this bacterial infection in field populations during the periods when natural viral infection in grubs was above average, agrees with this observation. This finding becomes significant as infection by the opportunistic bacterial pathogen, P. alcaligenes, reduces the production of Oryctes virus inoculum in nature and limits the field-perpetuation of this viral biocontrol agent.
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