BioControl (2013) 58, 133-147

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G. Cabrera Walsh, Y. Magalí Dalto, Federico M. Mattioli, Raymond I. Carruthers and Lars W. Anderson (2013)
Biology and ecology of Brazilian elodea (Egeria densa) and its specific herbivore, Hydrellia sp., in Argentina
BioControl 58 (1), 133-147
Abstract: Egeria densa (Hydrocharitaceae) is a submerged macrophyte from South America that is a weed in several countries. It crowds out native plants and hinders water use, causing economic and environmental damage. The leafminer fly Hydrellia sp. 1 (Diptera: Ephydridae), was found feeding in E. densa throughout its Argentine distribution, and is currently the only known specialist herbivore of E. densa. It was reared in the laboratory and tested on 25 plant species. This herbivore can cause heavy defoliation in the laboratory and in the field. Hydrellia sp. 1 was found only on E. densa, but in the laboratory it also developed on two other Hydrocharitaceae species in the same family; Egeria naias, and Elodea callitrichoides. Significant oviposition and feeding were only observed on its primary natural host, and to a lesser degree on E. naias. Field studies indicate Hydrellia sp. 1 is present in the field year round, unless the host plant is prostrate for long periods, or covered by floating macrophytes. These results indicate Hydrellia sp. 1 may be a suitable biocontrol candidate for E. densa.
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Egeria densa (weed) Argentina
Hydrellia (genus - weed bioagents) Egeria densa (weed) Argentina