BioControl (2000) 45, 337-343

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F.E. Vega, L.A. Lacey, A.P. Reid, F. Herard, D. Pilarsa, E. Danova, R. Tomov and H.K. Kaya (2000)
Infectivity of a Bulgarian and an American strain of Steinernema carpocapsae against codling moth
BioControl 45 (3), 337-343
Abstract: A strain of Steinernema carpocapsae obtained from overwintering codling moths collected in Bulgaria was identified to species using the polymerase chain reaction. The infectivity of this strain towards codling moth prepupae was compared to that of a U.S. strain at three temperatures (11, 15 and 20 °C). Infectivity was low at 11 °C with 8% mortality recorded for both strains. Mortality was 61% and 62% at 15 °C, and 82% and 81% at 20 °C for the Bulgarian and U.S. strain, respectively. The mean percent mortality at each individual temperature was significantly different from each other when mortalities of the two strains were combined. Thus, the Bulgarian strain did not provide a low temperature infectivity advantage compared to the U.S. strain.
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