Bibliography:Rhizoctonia bataticola (beneficials)

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Beneficials assigned in the literature database to Rhizoctonia bataticola:
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(Beneficials listed as "not categorized" have not yet been entered into the system.)

bacterial antagonists of plant diseases
Bacillus licheniformis (antagonist) (1)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa (antagonist) (1)
Pseudomonas fluorescens (antagonist) (4)

fungal antagonists - Ascomycota (Hypocreales)
Trichoderma harzianum (antagonist) (1)
Trichoderma virens (antagonist) (1)
Trichoderma viride (antagonist) (1)

not categorized antagonists
Bacillus (genus - antagonists) (1)
Paenibacillus (genus - antagonists) (1)
Pseudomonas (genus - antagonists) (5)
Trichoderma (anamorphic genus - antagonists) (1)