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Publication list for Propylea quatuordecimpunctata (predator) sorted according to research topics

general biology - morphology - evolution (21)

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classical biocontrol/new introduction (1)

Environmental Entomology (1972) 1, 198-202
C.E. Rogers, H.B. Jackson and R.D. Eikenbary (1972)
Responses of an imported coccinellid, Propylea 14-punctata, to aphids associated with small grains in Oklahoma

non-target effects/fate in environm. (1)

BioControl (2013) 58, 73-83
Angelos Katsanis, Dirk Babendreier, Wolfgang Nentwig and Marc Kenis (2013)
Intraguild predation between the invasive ladybird Harmonia axyridis and non-target European coccinellid species

environment/habitat manipulation (30)

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population dynamics/epizootiology (6)

BioControl (2008) 53, 223-233
Jean Pierre Jansen and Louis Hautier (2008)
Ladybird population dynamics in potato: comparison of native species with an invasive species, Harmonia axyridis

Entomologische Berichten (2007) 67, 260-263
Suzanne T.E. Lommen and Jan G.M. Cuppen (2007)
Lieveheersbeestjes: heersers van de akkers?
[Ladybird beetles: rulers of the fields?]

BioControl (2007) 52, 775-788
B. Freier, H. Triltsch, M. Möwes and E. Moll (2007)
The potential of predators in natural control of aphids in wheat: Results of a ten-year field study in two German landscapes

Entomological News (2006) 117, 491-502
H. Day and M. Tatman (2006)
Changes in abundance of native and adventive Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) in alfalfa fields, in northern New Jersey (1993-2004) and Delaware (1999-2004), U.S.A.

Mitteilungen der deutschen Gesellschaft für allgemeine und angewandte Entomologie (2001) 13, 249-252
Holger Triltsch and Bernd Freier (2001)
Numerische und trophische Interaktion Marienkäfer – Blattlaus
[Numerical and trophic ladybird – aphid interaction]

BioControl (2000) 45, 25-43
Mpho W. Phoofolo and John J. Obrycki (2000)
Demographic analysis of reproduction in Nearctic and Paleartic populations of Coccinella septempunctata and Propylea quatuordecimpunctata

surveys/distribution/isolation (15)

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molecular biology - genes (1)

European Journal of Entomology (2005) 102, 469-474
E.S. Krafsur, J.J. Obrycki and J.D. Harwood (2005)
Comparative genetic studies of native and introduced Coccinellidae in North America

resistance to pesticides (1)

Pest Management Science (2000) 56, 533-539
Jean Pierre Jansen (2000)
A three-year field study on the short-term effects of insecticides used to control cereal aphids on plant-dwelling aphid predators in winter wheat