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Publication list for Peanut stunt virus sorted according to research topics

general biology - morphology - evolution (9)

Archives of Virology (2005) 150, 1203-1211
L.Y. Yan, Z.Y. Xu, R. Goldbach, C. Kunrong and M. Prins (2005)
Nucleotide sequence analyses of genomic RNAs of Peanut stunt virus Mi, the type strain representative of a novel PSV subgroup from China

Phytopathology (2004) 94, 722-729
N.S. Bashir, M. Sanger, U. Järlfors and S.A. Ghabrial (2004)
Expression of the Peanut stunt virus coat protein gene is essential and sufficient for production of host-dependent ribbon-like inclusions in infected plants

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 326 (Blount et al.)
A.R. Blount, R.N. Pittman, B.A. Smith, R.N. Morgan, W. Dankers, R.K. Sprenkel and M.T. Momol (2002)
First report of Peanut stunt virus in perennial peanut in North Florida and southern Georgia

Phytopathology (1998) 88, 1192-1199
Margaret Sanger, Ulla E. Järlfors and Said A. Ghabrial (1998)
Unusual cytoplasmic inclusions induced in tobacco by Peanut stunt virus subgroup II strains map to RNA3

Phytopathology (1998) 88, 92-97
C.C. Hu and S.A. Ghabrial (1998)
Molecular evidence that strain BV-15 of peanut stunt cucumovirus is a reassortant between subgroup I and II strains

Plant Disease (1998) 82, p. 1402 (Gillaspie Jr. et al.)
A.G. Gillaspie Jr. and S.A. Ghabrial (1998)
First report of peanut stunt cucumovirus naturally infecting Desmodium sp.

Journal of General Virology (1998) 79, 177-184
Vicente Militao, I . Moreno, E. Rodriguez-Cerezo and F. Garcia-Arenal (1998)
Differential interactions among isolates of peanut stunt cucumovirus and its satellite RNA

Phytopathology (1996) 86, p. S17 (Hu et al.)
C.C. Hu and S.A. Ghabrial (1996)
Molecular characterization of Peanut stunt virus (PSV) strain BV-15, a natural reassortant between subgroups I and II of PSV strains

European Journal of Plant Pathology (1996) 102, 779-786
C. Ferreiro, K. Ostrówka, J.J. López-Moya and J.R. Díaz-Ruíz (1996)
Nucleotide sequence and symptom modulating analysis of a Peanut stunt virus-associated satellite RNA from Poland: high level of sequence identity with the American PSV satellites

identification/taxonomy (4)

Archives of Virology (2008) 153, 1373-1377
László Kiss, Endre Sebestyén, Emese László, Pál Salamon, Ervin Balázs and Katalin Salánki (2008)
Nucleotide sequence analysis of Peanut stunt virus Rp strain suggests the role of homologous recombination in cucumovirus evolution

Journal of Molecular Evolution (2005) 61, 697-705
Francisco M. Codoñer, José M. Cuevas, Jesús A. Sánchez-Navarro, Vicente Pallás and Santiago F. Elena (2005)
Molecular evolution of the plant virus family Bromoviridae based on RNA3-encoded proteins

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 989-992
Ralf G. Dietzgen, Ben Callaghan, Colleen M. Higgins, Robert G. Birch, Kunrong Chen and Zeyong Xu (2001)
Differentiation of peanut seedborne potyviruses and cucumoviruses by RT-PCR

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 992-998
Xu Zeyong, Colleen M. Higgins, Chen Kunrong, Ralf G. Dietzgen, Zhang Zhongyi, Yang Liying and Fang Xiaoping (1998)
Evidence for a third taxonomic subgroup of Peanut stunt virus from China

resistance/tolerance/defence of host (3)

Viruses (2018) 10 (9 - 449)
Aleksandra Obrepalska-Steplowska, Agnieszka Zmienko, Barbara Wrzesinska, Michal Goralski, Marek Figlerowicz, Joanna Zyprych-Walczak, Idzi Siatkowski and Henryk Pospieszny (2018)
The defense response of Nicotiana benthamiana to Peanut stunt virus infection in the presence of symptom exacerbating satellite RNA

Plant Biotechnology (2015) 32, 181-191
Masumi Yamagishi, Chikara Masuta, Masashi Suzuki and Osamu Netsu (2015)
Peanut stunt virus-induced gene silencing in white lupin (Lupinus albus)

Breeding Science (2011) 61, 625-630
Masayasu Saruta, Yoshitake Takada, Akio Kikuchi, Tetsusya Yamada, Kunihiko Komatsu, Takashi Sayama, Masao Ishimoto and Akinori Okabe (2011)
Screening and genetic analysis of resistance to Peanut stunt virus in soybean: identification of the putative Rpsv1 resistance gene

environment - cropping system/rotation (1)

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 326 (Blount et al.)
A.R. Blount, R.N. Pittman, B.A. Smith, R.N. Morgan, W. Dankers, R.K. Sprenkel and M.T. Momol (2002)
First report of Peanut stunt virus in perennial peanut in North Florida and southern Georgia

surveys/sampling/distribution (1)

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 817-820
Robert T. Sherwood (1997)
Viruses of white clover in pastures of Pennsylvania, New York, and Vermont

transmission/dispersal of plant diseases (3)

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1219-1222
A.J. Clark and K.L. Perry (2002)
Transmissibility of field isolates of soybean viruses by Aphis glycines

Journal of General Plant Pathology (2001) 67, 69-72
Mitsuro Kameya-Iwaki, Shigeyoshi Muku, Shin-Ichi Ito and Shuhei Tanaka (2001)
Effects of susceptibility of test plants on modes of Cucumovirus transmission by Myzus persicae

Journal of General Plant Pathology (2000) 66, 64-67
Mitsuro Kameya-Iwaki, Kimiaki Murakami, Shin-Ichi Ito, Kaoru Hanada and Shuhei Tanaka (2000)
Semipersistency of Myzus persicae transmission of cucumoviruses systemically infecting leguminous plants

molecular biology - genes (19)

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