Bibliography:Lythrum salicaria (weed) (beneficials)

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Beneficials assigned in the literature database to Lythrum salicaria (weed):
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(Beneficials listed as "not categorized" have not yet been entered into the system.)

insect bioagents of weeds - Coleoptera
Galerucella pusilla (weed bioagent) (14)
Hylobius transversovittatus (weed bioagent) (6)
Neogalerucella calmariensis (weed bioagent) (28)

not categorized weed bioagents
Chrysomelidae (weed bioagents) (28)
Curculionidae (weed bioagents) (6)
Dwiroopa lythri (antagonist) (1)
Galerucella (genus - weed bioagents) (14)
Myzus lythri (weed bioagent) (3)