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Publication list for Enoclerus lecontei (predator) sorted according to research topics

application technology (1)

Journal of Applied Entomology - Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie (1999) 123, 529-534
R.I. Gara, D.R. Millegan and K.E. Gibson (1999)
Integrated pest management of Ips pini (Col., Scolytidae) populations in south-eastern Montana

environment/habitat manipulation (5)

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2008) 10, 189-203
Brytten E. Steed and Michael R. Wagner (2008)
Seasonal pheromone response by Ips pini in northern Arizona and western Montana, U.S.A.

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2008) 10, 411-421
Celia K. Boone, Diana L. Six and Kenneth F. Raffa (2008)
The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy: competitors add to predator load of a tree-killing bark beetle

Environmental Entomology (2005) 34, 591-597
Daniel R. Miller, John H. Borden and B. Staffan Lindgren (2005)
Dose-dependent pheromone responses of Ips pini, Orthotomicus latidens (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), and associates in stands of lodgepole pine

Environmental Entomology (2004) 33, 1554-1561
D.L. Dahlsten, D.L. Six, D.L. Rowney, A.B. Lawson, N. Erbilgin and K.F. Raffa (2004)
Attraction of Ips pini (Coleoptera: Scolytinae) and Its predators to natural attractants and synthetic semiochemicals in northern California: Implications for population monitoring

Environmental Entomology (2002) 31, 766-773
B. Staffan Lindgren and Daniel R. Miller (2002)
Effect of verbenone on attraction of predatory and woodboring beetles (Coleoptera) to kairomones in lodgepole pine forests

population dynamics/epizootiology (1)

Journal of Entomological Science (2006) 41, 75-83
Christopher J. Fettig and Christopher P. Dabney (2006)
Seasonal abundance of Temnochila chlorodia (Mannerheim) (Coleoptera: Trogositidae) collected in western pine beetle pheromone-baited traps in northern California

resistance to pesticides (2)

Environmental Entomology (1983) 12, 210-214
Sean L. Swezey and Donald L. Dahlsten (1983)
Effects of remedial application of lindane on emergence of natural enemies of the western pine beetle, Dendroctonus brevicomis (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Environmental Entomology (1983) 12, 502-504
Lula E. Greene (1983)
Simulated natural encounters of the insecticides, chlorpyrifos and carbaryl, by western pine beetle predators Enoclerus lecontei and E. sphegeus (Coleoptera: Cleridae)