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Publication list for Bactrocera (genus) sorted according to research topics

general biology - morphology - evolution (288)

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identification/taxonomy (63)

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control - general (274)

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biocontrol - natural enemies (164)

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resistance/tolerance/defence of host (19)

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health/environmental effects of pesticides (18)

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pesticide resistance of pest (40)

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thresholds/decision-support systems (1)

Annals of Applied Biology (2019) 175, 350-362
Rieks D. van Klinken, Justine V. Murray, Javier N. Garcia and Anthony R. Clarke (2019)
Scale-appropriate spatial modelling to support area-wide management of a polyphagous fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae)

quarantine treatments/regulations/aspects (87)

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damage/losses/economics (8)

African Entomology (2020) 28, 125-132
I.R. El-Gendy, K.A. Draz, M.A. El-Aw and H.F. Darwish (2020)
Interaction among peel hardness, fruit-age and gibberellic acid on infestation susceptibility of citrus fruits by peach fruit fly, Bactrocera zonata (Saunders) (Diptera: Tephritidae)

African Entomology (2020) 28, 278-289
L. Canhanga, M. De Meyer, D. Cugala, V. Massimiliano and M. Maulid (2020)
Economic injury level of the Oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae), on commercial mango farms in Manica Province, Mozambique

Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry (2018) 42, 453-458
Murat Helvaci, Mehmet Aktas and Özge Özden (2018)
Occurrence, damage, and population dynamics of the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae Gmelin) in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

HortScience (2012) 47, 301-306
Riccardo Gucci, Giovanni Caruso, Angelo Canale, Augusto Loni, Alfio Raspi, Stefania Urbani, Agnese Taticchi, Sonia Esposto and Maurizio Servili (2012)
Qualitative changes of olive oils obtained from fruits damaged by Bactrocera oleae (Rossi)

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2008) 115, 186-191
H. Topuz and E. Durmusoglu (2008)
The effect of early harvest on infestation rate of Bactrocera oleae (Gmelin) (Diptera: Tephritidae) as well as yield, acidity and fatty acid composition of olive oil

Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society (2007) 39, 117-119
Eric B. Jang (2007)
Fruit flies and their impact on agriculture in Hawaii

Formosan Entomologist (2003) 23, 35-48
Li-Hsin Huang, Mei-Chieh Lin and Chiou-Nan Chen (2003)
Estimation of the damage rate of guava fruits by Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) (Diptera: Tephritidae) based on ovipositional punctures

Phytoparasitica (1996) 24, 132-133
Fathi Abd el-Hadi (1996)
The economic damage caused by the olive fruit fly, Bactrocera oleae
The 8th Conference of the Entomological Society of Israel, January 18, 1996 (Bet Dagan, Israel)

environment - cropping system/rotation (121)

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population dynamics/ epidemiology (90)

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surveys/sampling/distribution (111)

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pheromones/attractants/traps (246)

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new introduction of pest (7)

Journal of Applied Entomology (2019) 143, 165-176
Yiying Zeng, Gadi V.P. Reddy, Zhihong Li, Yujia Qin, Yannan Wang, Xubin Pan, Fan Jiang, Feng Gao and Zi-Hua Zhao (2019)
Global distribution and invasion pattern of oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Insects (2018) 9 (4 - 182)
Francesco Nugnes, Elia Russo, Gennaro Viggiani and Umberto Bernardo (2018)
First record of an invasive fruit fly belonging to Bactrocera dorsalis complex (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Europe

Biological Invasions (2015) 17, 2803-2809
A. Manrakhan, J.H. Venter and V. Hattingh (2015)
The progressive invasion of Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae) in South Africa

Journal of Applied Entomology (2008) 132, 406-411
A. Meats, H.A.C. Fay and R.A.I. Drew (2008)
Distribution and eradication of an exotic tephritid fruit fly in Australia: relevance of invasion theory

Molecular Ecology (2005) 14, 2729-2738
Francesco Nardi, Antonio Carapelli, Romano Dallai, George K. Roderick and Francesco Frati (2005)
Population structure and colonization history of the olive fly, Bactrocera oleae (Diptera, Tephritidae)

Ecological Entomology (2004) 29, 511-520
Pierre-Francois Duyck, Patrice David and Serge Quilici (2004)
A review of relationships between interspecific competition and invasions in fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)

FAO Plant Protection Bulletin (1994) 42, p. 71 (Anonymous)
Anonymous (1994)
Carambola fruit fly detected in Guyana

molecular biology - genes (94)

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rearing/culturing/mass production (98)

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review (13)

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