Australian Veterinary Journal (1999) 77, 255-258

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J.T. Rothwell, K.C. Hacket, I. Ridley, L. Mitchell, C. Donaldson and L.B. Lowe (1999)
Therapeutic efficacy of zeta-cypermethrin pour-on for the treatment of biting and sucking lice in cattle under field conditions
Australian Veterinary Journal 77 (4), 255-258
Abstract: Objective: To assess the efficacy of zeta-cypermethrin pour-on to control cattle lice.
Design: Five field trials in south-eastern Australia.
Procedure: Zeta-cypermethrin pour-on, deltamethrin pour-on and pour-on vehicle were applied to groups of 10 cattle. Lice were counted before treatment and 14, 28, 42 and 56 days after treatment.
Results: Zeta-cypermethrin pour-on given at 2.5 mg/kg was equivalent to, or marginally more effective than a deltamethrin pour-on at 0.75 mg/kg. It eliminated B. bovis and H. eurysternus and gave good control of L. vituli and S. capillatus. Zeta-cypermethrin at 1 mg/kg gave good control of B. bovis and H. eurysternus but was not satisfactory against L. vituli and S. capillatus.
Conclusion: Zeta-cypermethrin pour-on, given at 2.5 mg/kg, is an effective treatment for cattle lice control. Zeta-cypermethrin, and other synthetic pyrethroid pour-ons, are the treatment of choice to control B. bovis.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Bovicola bovis Australia (South+SE)
Linognathus vituli Australia (South+SE)
Solenopotes capillatus Australia (South+SE)
Haematopinus eurysternus Australia (South+SE)