Australasian Plant Pathology (2019) 48, 3-18

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R. Billones-Baaijens and S. Savocchia (2019)
A review of Botryosphaeriaceae species associated with grapevine trunk diseases in Australia and New Zealand
Australasian Plant Pathology 48 (1), 3-18
Abstract: Botryosphaeria dieback caused by species of Botryosphaeriaceae is an economically significant disease of grapevine worldwide including in Australia and New Zealand. Symptoms such as dieback of the shoots and cordons, cankers, stunted shoots, bunch rot and bud necrosis are observed, eventually leading to yield loss and reduced grapevine longevity. The disease was first recognised as an important issue in vineyards in Australia and New Zealand in the early 2000s and since then, considerable research has been conducted for better understanding of the causal organisms and their management. However, there is also a need to better understand the role of nursery planting material as a potential source of infection in new or replanted vineyards. This review reports on the current knowledge of Botryosphaeriaceae in grapevines in Australia and New Zealand including their identification, distribution across various wine grape growing regions, symptomatology, pathogenicity, epidemiology and management strategies. Future strategies to increase our knowledge and to better manage these economically important pathogens are discussed.
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