Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43 (3)

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Articles of Australasian Plant Pathology entered for 2014 and volume (issue): 43 (3)

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 223-233
M.S. McLean, A. Martin, S. Gupta, M.W. Sutherland, G.J. Hollaway and G.J. Platz (2014)
Validation of a new spot form of net blotch differential set and evidence for hybridisation between the spot and net forms of net blotch in Australia

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 235-244
B.L. Shearer (2014)
Time course studies of temperature and soil depth mediated sporangium production by Phytophthora cinnamomi

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 245-255
B.L. Shearer, B.J. Michaelsen, P.J. Somerford and M. Williams (2014)
Forest environment mediated intraspecific resistance of Eucalyptus marginata to Phytophthora cinnamomi

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 257-266
B.L. Shearer and C.E. Crane (2014)
Host range of the stem canker pathogen Luteocirrhus shearii mainly limited to Banksia

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 287-297
Parissa Taheri and Abduljabbar Irannejad (2014)
Genetic structure of various Magnaporthe oryzae populations in Iran and Uruguay

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 299-306
Aynur Ozbahce (2014)
Chemigation for soil-borne pathogen management on melon growth under drought stress

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 307-312
Yong Wang, Yi-Ping Hou, Chang-Jun Chen and Ming-Guo Zhou (2014)
Detection of resistance in Sclerotinia sclerotiorum to carbendazim and dimethachlon in Jiangsu Province of China

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 313-320
Shandong Li, Yiping Hou, Di Peng, Lin Meng, Jianxin Wang, Mingguo Zhou and Changjun Chen (2014)
Baseline sensitivity and control efficacy of flutolanil in Rhizoctonia solani

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 321-326
S.E. Bellgard, V.W. Johnson, D.J. Than, N. Anand, C.J. Winks, G. Ezeta and S.L Dodd (2014)
Use of the silverleaf fungus Chondrostereum purpureum for biological control of stump-sprouting, riparian weedy tree species in New Zealand

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 327-337
B.L. Shearer, C.E. Crane, R.G. Fairman, M.J. Dillon and R.M. Buehrig (2014)
Spatio-temporal variation in invasion of woodlands and forest by Phytophthora cinnamomi

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 339-345
Bruno E.C. de Miranda, Bruno Wesley Ferreira, Janaína L. Alves, Davi M. de Macedo and Robert W. Barreto (2014)
Pseudocercospora lonicerigena a leaf spot fungus on the invasive weed Lonicera japonica in Brazil

Australasian Plant Pathology (2014) 43, 347-358
Naceur Djébali, Salem Elkahoui, Wael Taamalli, Kamel Hessini, Belhassen Tarhouni and Moncef Mrabet (2014)
Tunisian Rhizoctonia solani AG3 strains affect potato shoot macronutrients content, infect faba bean plants and show in vitro resistance to azoxystrobin