Australasian Plant Pathology (2013) 42, 133-139

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Bita Naseri and Seyyed S. Mousavi (2013)
The development of Fusarium root rot and productivity according to planting date and depth, and bean variety
Australasian Plant Pathology 42 (2), 133-139
Abstract: The effects of bean variety, planting date and depth on Fusarium root rot (FRR) and yield components were evaluated at the pod maturity growth stage of common bean in an experimental field under natural conditions at Zanjan, Iran. FRR symptoms were evident in all experimental plots studied over two seasons. A lower FRR index was detected in a red variety compared to a white bean variety planted on 5 May at 5 and 15 cm depths, and on 22 May and 5 June at 5 cm depth. At depths of 5 and 10 cm, beans planted on 22 May had lower FRR levels in comparison with 5 May plantings. FRR index for bean varieties planted at different dates was lower at 5 cm than at 15 cm depth. Mean numbers of pods and seeds per plant in the red bean variety were often higher than those in the pinto and white bean varieties. Postponing planting until 5 June resulted in reductions in pod (red) and seed (red and white varieties) production for 10 and 15 cm seeding depths, but increased yield levels at a seeding depth of 5 cm in the red variety. Shallow seeding at a 5 cm depth enhanced yield levels in 22 May and 5 June plantings of red and pinto varieties, but decreased yields in the red variety planted on 5 May. There were negative correlations between FRR and yield variables. Findings extend our insight into a date-depth-variety interaction to optimize management strategies for FRR in bean crops.
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