Australasian Plant Pathology (1992) 21, 147-149

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I.T. Riley (1992)
Anguina tritici is a potential vector of Clavibacter toxicus
Australasian Plant Pathology 21 (4), 147-149
Abstract: The ability of Anguina tritici to act as a vector for Clavibacter toxicus in wheat was determined in a pot experiment. Using galls colonised with C. toxicus from Lolium rigidum as inoculum, gall production by A. tritici was reduced and a small proportion of galls was colonised by C. toxicus. These observations further confirm that the host range of C. toxicus is determined by the availability of a suitable nematode vector. This experimental association of an Anguina and a Clavibacter suggests that there is potential for a non-toxigenic Clavibacter sp. being used for control of Anguina funesta and C. toxicus in Annual Ryegrass Toxicity.
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transmission/dispersal of plant diseases
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Anguina tritici Wheat (Triticum)
Rathayibacter toxicus Wheat (Triticum)
Rathayibacter toxicus Lolium (crop)