Australasian Plant Disease Notes (2013) 8, 59-62

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Daniela Flôres and Ivan Paulo Bedendo (2013)
A subgroup 16SrIII-B phytoplasma identified in honeyweed plants with leaf deformation in Brazil
Australasian Plant Disease Notes 8 (1), 59-62
Abstract: Leonurus sibiricus (honeyweed) plants displaying small, shriveled and mildly chlorotic leaves were observed in commercial cassava fields. Based on nested PCR assays using a group-specific primer pair, computer-simulated RFLP analysis, similarity coefficient calculation and phylogenetic analysis, the phytoplasma identified in these plants was classified as a representative of subgroup 16SrIII-B. This is the first report of honeyweed as a host of phytoplasmas.
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Leonurus sibiricus (weed) Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Brazil (south)
16SrIII phytoplasma group Brazil (south)