Australasian Plant Disease Notes (2011) 6, 57-59

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Eugenia Iturritxa, Bernard Slippers, Nebai Mesanza and Michael J. Wingfield (2011)
First report of Neofusicoccum parvum causing canker and die-back of Eucalyptus in Spain
Australasian Plant Disease Notes 6 (1), 57-59
Abstract: One of the most common groups of fungi causing canker on eucalypts is the Botryosphaeriaceae. A large number of species have been reported from this host in recent years. The Neofusicoccum parvum/Neofusicoccum ribis species complex includes some of the most aggressive members of Botryosphaeriaceae. Cankers on stems are commonly sunken and elongated and infected tissue may be darkly pigmented. Bark cracking and kino exudation are often present. In this study Neofusicoccum parvum has been first reported as the main cause of canker disease in Eucalyptus globulus in North Spain.
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