Austral Entomology (2014) 53, 275-279

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Paz Millas and Roberto Carrillo (2014)
Live weight and relative faecal production of Hylamorpha elegans (Burm.) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) larvae fed on soils with different particulate organic matter content
Austral Entomology 53 (3), 275-279
Abstract: Previous studies using white grub larvae have not found a relationship between scarabaeid larval growth and the quantity of total organic matter (OM) in the feeding soil. This is probably because it is the type or quality of the OM that is more important to larval nutritional requirements. The aim of this research was to study, under laboratory conditions, how the quality of OM, measured as the percentage of particulate OM (POM), affected the live weight and faecal production of Hylamorpha elegans (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) larvae. Results showed that live weight gain of second and third instar larvae increased with an increase in the amount of POM. The faecal production showed no differences. Therefore, the effect on second and third instar larvae was related to the quality of the resource and not to an increase in the quantity of soil ingested. Better understanding of the dynamics of POM and other labile fractions of the soil OM as microbial biomass could be fundamental to assessing and implementing out agricultural practices that can ameliorate the impact of this pest.
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