Austral Ecology (2017) 42, 995-1005

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Jorge L. Renteria, Mathieu Rouget and Vernon Visser (2017)
Rapid prioritization of alien plants for eradication based on climatic suitability and eradication feasibility
Austral Ecology 42 (8), 995-1005
Abstract: Identifying which introduced species have the greatest potential for establishment, spread and impact is critical for prioritizing pre- and post-border control. Using species distribution modelling and existing species locations we assessed the establishment risk based on the climatic suitability areas of 25 plant species listed as eradication targets under South African regulations. To improve confidence, three bioclimatic models were used to predict the potential distribution of each species. This information was combined with the number of localities and the "eradication feasibility syndromes" in a scoring-categorical system to rank the species. Three management groups were identified. Group "A" includes species with medium-high establishment risk and higher likelihood to be eradicated, these species should be a priority for eradication. Group "B" includes species with a medium-low establishment risk but given the low number of known population and the species characteristics, eradication is likely to be feasible. Finally species in group "C" scored a medium-high establishment risk but the eradication would be difficult due to the high number of known localities. This ranking provides a rapid method to prioritize the management towards the eradication of new potential invasive plant species in the country combining the establishment risk, known number of localities and the inferred eradication success.
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