Archives of Virology (2017) 162, 897-900

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Christine Blum, Stefanie Götsch and Cornelia Heinze (2017)
Duplications in the 3' termini of three segments of Fusarium graminearum virus China 9
Archives of Virology 162 (3), 897-900
Abstract: The hypovirulence-inducing Fusarium graminearum virus China 9 (FgV-ch9) was described recently and is closely related to the Fusarium graminearum mycovirus-2 (FgV2). Both viruses share common properties of viruses belonging to the family Chrysoviridae. Re-sequencing of FgV-ch9 revealed duplications of the 3' non-coding regions of segments 2 and 3. Both duplications are arranged in a head-to-tail array, are attached to the complete terminus, and do not affect the encoded gene. An internal duplication was found in segment 5. This duplication resulted in an increase in the size of the encoded protein. In silico analysis showed similar duplications in segments 2 and 3 of FgV2.
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