Archives of Virology (2017) 162, 291-293

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Dennis Knierim, Wulf Menzel and Stephan Winter (2017)
Analysis of the complete genome sequence of Euphorbia ringspot virus, an atypical member of the genus Potyvirus
Archives of Virology 162 (1), 291-293
Abstract: The complete genome sequence of an isolate of euphorbia ringspot virus (EuRSV) was determined by deep sequencing and rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) RT-PCR. It has an RNA genome of 10,154 nucleotides in size, excluding the poly(A) tail, and encodes a polyprotein of 3265 amino acids. Phylogenetic analysis from this study supports the earlier taxonomic assignment to the genus Potyvirus; however, a gene encoding the HAM1h protein, inserted between NIb and CP of the EuRSV genome, which was previously only observed for cassava brown streak virus and Ugandan cassava brown streak virus of the genus Ipomovirus, is an unusual feature of this potyvirus, which otherwise has typical potyvirus genome features.
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