Archives of Virology (2009) 154, 1955-1958

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Masayoshi Hashimoto, Ken Komatsu, Kensaku Maejima, Yasuyuki Yamaji, Yukari Okano, Takuya Shiraishi, Shuichiro Takahashi, Satoshi Kagiwada and Shigetou Namba (2009)
Complete nucleotide sequence and genome organization of Butterbur mosaic virus
Archives of Virology 154 (12), 1955-1958
Abstract: Butterbur mosaic virus (ButMV), a member of the genus Carlavirus, was isolated from Japanese butterbur. Here we report the complete nucleotide sequence and genome organization of ButMV. The genome of ButMV consists of 8,662 nucleotides in length and is predicted to contain six ORFs. The ButMV replicase and CP genes share 46.4-54.9 and 43.2-62.1% nucleotide and 38.6-46.6 and 31.3-65.0% amino acid sequence identities, respectively, with those of other carlaviruses. Based on phylogenetic analysis, we suggested that ButMV replicase and CP is most closely related to coleus vein necrosis virus and carnation latent virus, respectively. Together, our results demonstrate that ButMV was a distinct species of the genus Carlavirus.
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Butterbur mosaic virus Butterbur (Petasites japonicus)