Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection (1999) 32, 355-364

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L. Zolobowska and H. Pospieszny (1999)
Diversity of soft rot Erwinias occurring on economically important crops in Poland
Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 32 (5), 355-364
Abstract: The structure of the population of soft rot erwinias on various economically important plants in Poland was established using biochemical tests and PCR method. The results show that 29.2% of the isolates were identified as Erwinia caratovora ssp. atroseptica, 66.0% as Erwinia carotovora ssp. carotovora and 4.8% of isolates belonged to biochemically atypical E.carotovora group. Using PCR method, 50% of biochemically atypical isolates were identified as E. carotovora ssp. carotovora. Serological differentiation with E. carotovora ssp. astroseptica serogroup I-specific antibodies showed that 83.3% of E. carotovora ssp. atroseptica isolates in Poland belonged to this serogroup. In Poland E. carotovora ssp. atroseptica is closely associated with potato. Although this subspecies is very rare on other host plants it may occur and cause soft rot. E. carotovora ssp. carotovora subspecies is common on various host plants including potato. Erwinia chrysanthemi and Erwinia carotovora ssp. betavasculorun species have not been detected.
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