Archives of Microbiology (2012) 194, 653-665

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Jolanta Jaroszuk-Scisel and Ewa Kurek (2012)
Hydrolysis of fungal and plant cell walls by enzymatic complexes from cultures of Fusarium isolates with different aggressiveness to rye (Secale cereale)
Archives of Microbiology 194 (8), 653-665
Abstract: The efficiency of hydrolysis of fungal (Fusarium spp.) cell wall and rye root cell wall by crude enzymatic complexes from (42-day-old) cultures of three F. culmorum isolates, a plant growth-promoting rhizosphere isolate (PGPF) DEMFc2, a deleterious rhizosphere isolate (DRMO) DEMFc5, and a pathogenic isolate DEMFc37, as well as two other, pathogenic isolates belonging to F. oxysporum and F. graminearum species was studied. In the enzymatic complexes originating from the Fusarium spp. cultures, the activities of the following cell wall-degrading enzymes were identified: glucanases, chitinases, xylanases, endocellulases, exocellulases, pectinases, and polygalacturonases. The preparation originating from a culture of the PGPF isolate was the least efficient in plant cell wall (PCW) hydrolysis. There were no significant differences in the efficiency of PCW hydrolysis between preparations from cultures of the DRMO and the pathogenic isolates. PGPF was the most efficient in liberating reducing sugars and N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) from fungal cell walls (FCW). Xylanase activities of the enzymatic complexes were strongly positively (R > +0.9) correlated with their efficiency in hydrolyzing PCW, whereas chitinase activities were correlated with the efficiency in FCW hydrolysis.
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