Applied Entomology and Zoology (2019) 54, 21-29

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Takuma Takanashi, Nami Uechi and Haruki Tatsuta (2019)
Vibrations in hemipteran and coleopteran insects: behaviors and application in pest management
Applied Entomology and Zoology 54 (1), 21-29
Abstract: Many groups of insects utilize substrate-borne vibrations for communication. They display various behaviors in response to vibrations in sexual and social communication and in predator–prey interactions. Although the number of reports on communication and behaviors using vibrations has continued to increase across various insect orders, there are several studies of the exploitation of vibrations for pest management in Hemiptera and Coleoptera. Here, we review the studies of behaviors and communication using vibrations in hemipteran and coleopteran insects. For instance, pentatomid bugs display species- and sex-specific vibrational signals during courtship, whereas cerambycid beetles show startle responses to vibrations in the context of predator–prey interactions. Concepts and case studies in pest management using vibrations—especially regarding the disruption of communication and behavior—are also presented.
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