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Publications of Antonio Castillo (6 listed):

Plant Disease (2020) 104, p. 1537 (Gonzalez et al.)
Felipe González, Camila Salinas, Blancaluz Pinilla and Antonio Castillo (2020)
First report of apple bull's-eye rot caused by Neofabraea perennans in Chile

Archives of Virology (2019) 164, 1479-1483
Luis Cottet, Christiaan A. Potgieter, Miguel E. Castro and Antonio Castillo (2019)
Molecular characterization of a new botybirnavirus that infects Botrytis cinerea

Phytopathology (2016) 106, 155-165
Enrique E. Ferrada, Bernardo A. Latorre, Juan P. Zoffoli and Antonio Castillo (2016)
Identification and characterization of Botrytis blossom blight of Japanese plums caused by Botrytis cinerea and B. prunorum sp. nov. in Chile

Virology Journal (2013) 10 (220) - A wild-type Botrytis ...
Christiaan A. Potgieter, Antonio Castillo, Miguel Castro, Luis Cottet and Angélica Morales (2013)
A wild-type Botrytis cinerea strain co-infected by double-stranded RNA mycoviruses presents hypovirulence-associated traits

Virology Journal (2011) 8 (38) - Rapid isolation of mycoviral ...
Antonio Castillo, Luis Cottet, Miguel Castro and Felipe Sepúlveda (2011)
Rapid isolation of mycoviral double-stranded RNA from Botrytis cinerea and Saccharomyces cerevisiae

FEMS Microbiology Letters (2003) 228, 87-91
Miguel Castro, Kurt Kramer, Lorena Valdivia, Sylvia Ortiz and Antonio Castillo (2003)
A double-stranded RNA mycovirus confers hypovirulence-associated traits to Botrytis cinerea