Anthracocentrus rugiceps

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Anthracocentrus rugiceps (= Acanthophorus rugiceps) - a) male, left and female, right; b) mating pair; c) eggs; d) larvae; e) pupa; f) exit holes of adult in soil (arrows); g-j) damage on Jatropha curcas. (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Mathyam Prabhakar, Y.G. Prasad, G.R. Rao and B. Venkateswarlud
Source: Journal of Insect Science, 2012, 12 (141)

Anthracocentrus rugiceps (Gahan, 1894)

Acanthophorus rugiceps

Publications covering Anthracocentrus rugiceps

Journal of Insect Science (2012) 12 (141), 1-7
Mathyam Prabhakar, Y.G. Prasad, G.R. Rao and B. Venkateswarlu (2012)
A new record of longicorn beetle, Acanthophorus rugiceps, from India as a root borer on physic nut, Jatropha curcas, with a description of life stages, biology, and seasonal dynamics