Annual Review of Virology (2020) 7, 403-419

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Meng Yang, Asigul Ismayil and Yule Liu (2020)
Autophagy in plant-virus interactions
Annual Review of Virology 7, 403-419
Abstract: Autophagy is a conserved vacuole/lysosome-mediated degradation pathway for clearing and recycling cellular components including cytosol, macromolecules, and dysfunctional organelles. In recent years, autophagy has emerged to play important roles in plant-pathogen interactions. It acts as an antiviral defense mechanism in plants. Moreover, increasing evidence shows that plant viruses can manipulate, hijack, or even exploit the autophagy pathway to promote pathogenesis, demonstrating the pivotal role of autophagy in the evolutionary arms race between hosts and viruses. In this review, we discuss recent findings about the antiviral and proviral roles of autophagy in plant-virus interactions.
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