Annual Review of Phytopathology (2017) 55, 205-229

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Xiaoxiao Zhang, Peter N. Dodds and Maud Bernoux (2017)
What do we know about NOD-like receptors in plant immunity?
Annual Review of Phytopathology 55, 205-229
Abstract: The first plant disease resistance (R) genes were identified and cloned more than two decades ago. Since then, many more R genes have been identified and characterized in numerous plant pathosystems. Most of these encode members of the large family of intracellular NLRs (NOD-like receptors), which also includes animal immune receptors. New discoveries in this expanding field of research provide new elements for our understanding of plant NLR function. But what do we know about plant NLR function today? Genetic, structural, and functional analyses have uncovered a number of commonalities and differences in pathogen recognition strategies as well as how NLRs are regulated and activate defense signaling, but many unknowns remain. This review gives an update on the latest discoveries and breakthroughs in this field, with an emphasis on structural findings and some comparison to animal NLRs, which can provide additional insights and paradigms in plant NLR function.
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