Annals of the Entomological Society of America (2004) 97, 1103-1125

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Gary L. Miller, John D. Oswald and Douglass R. Miller (2004)
Lacewings and scale insects: A review of predator/prey associations between the Neuropterida and Coccoidea (Insecta: Neuroptera, Raphidioptera, Hemiptera)
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 97 (6), 1103-1125
Abstract: Information on 263 Neuropterida/Coccoidea associations with additional detailed data on the most commonly encountered taxa is presented. Included for each entry, where applicable, is the predator, Coccoidea prey, validation source, prey plant host, and biogeographic origin.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Research topic(s) for pests/diseases/weeds:
biocontrol - natural enemies
Research topic(s) for beneficials or antagonists:
general biology - morphology - evolution

Pest and/or beneficial records:

Beneficial Pest/Disease/Weed Crop/Product Country Quarant.

Planococcus citri
Protopulvinaria pyriformis
Aonidiella aurantii
Coccus hesperidum
Pseudococcus viburni
Pseudococcus calceolariae
Pseudococcus longispinus
Saissetia oleae
Diaspidiotus perniciosus
Aspidiotus nerii
Lepidosaphes beckii
Parthenolecanium corni
Icerya purchasi
Carulaspis juniperi
Ferrisia virgata
Maconellicoccus hirsutus
Kerria lacca
Planococcus kraunhiae
Saccharicoccus sacchari
Chrysomphalus aonidum
Parlatoria blanchardi
Unaspis yanonensis
Dysmicoccus brevipes
Planococcus lilacinus
Selenaspidus articulatus
Aonidiella orientalis
Pseudococcus cryptus
Nipaecoccus viridis
Ceroplastes sinensis
Cryptococcus fagisuga
Parasaissetia nigra
Pulvinaria psidii
Hemiberlesia lataniae
Pinnaspis aspidistrae
Rastrococcus iceryoides
Icerya seychellarum
Ceroplastes japonicus
Pseudococcus comstocki
Icerya aegyptiaca
Parthenolecanium persicae
Pulvinaria vitis
Eriococcus spurius
Matsucoccus josephi
Rastrococcus invadens
Planococcus ficus
Pseudococcus maritimus
Mesolecanium nigrofasciatum
Aonidiella citrina
Antonina graminis
Nipaecoccus nipae
Phenacoccus azaleae
Phenacoccus madeirensis
Planococcus vovae
Chionaspis salicis
Pulvinaria tenuivalvata
Matsucoccus feytaudi
Matsucoccus matsumurae
Parlatoria cinerea
Marchalina hellenica
Fiorinia theae
Carulaspis minima
Fiorinia externa
Drosicha stebbingii
Parthenolecanium pruinosum
Nipaecoccus filamentosus
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Planococcus citri
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Protopulvinaria pyriformis
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Pseudococcus calceolariae
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Pseudococcus longispinus
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Saissetia oleae
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Diaspidiotus perniciosus
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Aspidiotus nerii
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Maconellicoccus hirsutus
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Chrysomphalus aonidum
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Parlatoria blanchardi
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Unaspis yanonensis
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Aonidiella orientalis
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Pseudococcus cryptus
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Ceroplastes sinensis
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Pseudococcus comstocki
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Parthenolecanium persicae
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Pulvinaria vitis
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Matsucoccus josephi
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Pseudococcus maritimus
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Planococcus vovae
Chrysoperla carnea (predator) Pulvinaria tenuivalvata
Chrysoperla rufilabris (predator) Coccus hesperidum
Chrysoperla rufilabris (predator) Chrysomphalus aonidum
Chrysoperla rufilabris (predator) Pseudococcus comstocki
Chrysoperla rufilabris (predator) Fiorinia theae
Micromus tasmaniae (predator) Pseudococcus longispinus
Chrysopa oculata (predator) Pseudococcus maritimus
Chrysopa nigricornis (predator) Planococcus citri
Chrysopa nigricornis (predator) Pseudococcus comstocki
Chrysopa nigricornis (predator) Mesolecanium nigrofasciatum
Chrysoperla externa (predator) Selenaspidus articulatus
Chrysoperla externa (predator) Parlatoria cinerea
Chrysoperla plorabunda (predator) Planococcus citri
Chrysoperla plorabunda (predator) Aonidiella aurantii
Chrysoperla plorabunda (predator) Pseudococcus longispinus
Chrysoperla plorabunda (predator) Lepidosaphes beckii
Chrysoperla plorabunda (predator) Chrysomphalus aonidum
Chrysoperla plorabunda (predator) Parasaissetia nigra
Chrysoperla plorabunda (predator) Hemiberlesia lataniae
Chrysoperla plorabunda (predator) Pulvinaria vitis
Chrysoperla plorabunda (predator) Pseudococcus maritimus
Chrysoperla plorabunda (predator) Parthenolecanium pruinosum
Chrysopa pallens (predator) Diaspidiotus perniciosus
Chrysopa pallens (predator) Pseudococcus comstocki
Chrysopa pallens (predator) Phenacoccus azaleae
Chrysopa pallens (predator) Marchalina hellenica
Chrysopa perla (predator) Parthenolecanium corni
Ceraeochrysa cubana (predator) Planococcus citri
Ceraeochrysa cubana (predator) Lepidosaphes beckii
Ceraeochrysa cubana (predator) Chrysomphalus aonidum
Ceraeochrysa cincta (predator) Fiorinia theae
Conwentzia psociformis (predator) Aonidiella aurantii
Conwentzia psociformis (predator) Maconellicoccus hirsutus
Conwentzia psociformis (predator) Chrysomphalus aonidum
Conwentzia psociformis (predator) Chionaspis salicis
Chrysoperla nipponensis (predator)
Mallada basalis (predator) Planococcus citri
Hemerobius pacificus (predator) Pseudococcus longispinus
Hemerobius pacificus (predator) Parasaissetia nigra
Hemerobius pacificus (predator) Hemiberlesia lataniae
Hemerobius stigma (predator) Pseudococcus comstocki
Hemerobius stigma (predator) Matsucoccus josephi
Hemerobius stigma (predator) Mesolecanium nigrofasciatum
Hemerobius stigma (predator) Matsucoccus feytaudi
Hemerobius stigma (predator) Matsucoccus matsumurae
Ceratochrysa antica (predator)
Coniopteryx pygmaea (predator)
Hemerobius micans (predator) Pseudococcus comstocki
Hemerobius pini (predator)