Annals of Applied Biology (2008) 153, 335-344

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L. Velasco, B. Simón, D. Janssen and J.L. Cenis (2008)
Incidences and progression of Tomato chlorosis virus disease and Tomato yellow leaf curl virus disease in tomato under different greenhouse covers in southeast Spain
Annals of Applied Biology 153 (3), 335-344
Abstract: Epidemics of whitefly-transmitted Tomato chlorosis virus, Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus and Tomato yellow leaf curl virus have been present in the south east of Spain since the 1990s. A survey was performed in 40 greenhouses and nethouses during 2003 to establish the relationship between the disease incidence and the quality of greenhouse or nethouse coverings, providing a physical protection of crops against whiteflies. For tomato chlorosis virus disease (ToCD), the incidence correlated with the type of greenhouse cover and was most reduced under higher quality covers. Control of tomato yellow leaf curl disease (TYLCD) was achieved only for crops grown in the highest quality greenhouses. TYLCD incidence in tolerant tomatoes remained below 100% within the 5 months of sampling, despite the disease progress rate at the initial stage of the cultivation being higher than that of ToCD, which did reach 100% incidence in many greenhouses. Linear regression analysis showed that the development of ToCD and TYLCD in most of the greenhouses was best described by the monomolecular model and the Gompertz model, respectively. Tomato infectious chlorosis virus was not detected in parallel surveys carried out during this study, although it has been described previously in the area studied.
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