Annals of Applied Biology (2006) 149, 187-195

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M.N. Maruthi, B. Manjunatha, A.R. Rekha, M.R. Govindappa, J. Colvin and V. Muniyappa (2006)
Dolichos yellow mosaic virus belongs to a distinct lineage of Old World begomoviruses; its biological and molecular properties
Annals of Applied Biology 149 (2), 187-195
Abstract: Dolichos yellow mosaic disease (DYMD) affects the production of dolichos in South Asia. Diseased plants produce characteristic bright yellow mosaic patches on the leaves and early infections cause reductions in yield. The putative dolichos yellow mosaic virus (DoYMV) was transmitted poorly (maximum 18.3% transmission) by the whitefly, Bemisia tabaci. DoYMV has a narrow host range and infected only Lablab purpureus and L. purpureus var. typicum out of the 36 species tested. Virus was detected using monoclonal antibodies in a triple-antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and by PCR. Complete DNA-A components of DoYMV isolates from Mysore and Bangalore, South India, were sequenced, but several attempts to identify DNA-B and DNA-ß were unsuccessful. DoYMV isolates shared DNA-A nucleotide identities of 92.5-95.3% with previously described isolates from North India and Bangladesh. They were most similar to mungbean-infecting begomoviruses at 61.6-64.4% of DNA-A nucleotide identities. Phylogenetic analyses of DNA-A sequences grouped the dolichos-infecting and mungbean-infecting begomoviruses into a distinct cluster away from begomoviruses infecting non-leguminous plants in the Indian subcontinent. Antigenically, legume-infecting begomoviruses were most similar to each other compared with non-legume viruses. Collectively, these results indicate that legume-infecting begomoviruses in the Indian subcontinent belonged to a distinct lineage of Old World begomoviruses.
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