Annals of Applied Biology (2000) 136, 173-178

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A. Alma, C. Marzachi, M. D'Aquillo and D. Bosco (2000)
Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum L.): dead-end host species for 16Sr-IB and -IC subgroup phytoplasmas
Annals of Applied Biology 136 (2), 173-178
Abstract: Phytoplasmas belonging to the 16S rDNA subgroups IB and IC were found in five cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum L.) plants showing virescence and yellow stunted leaves and one plant showing phyllody, rolled and thickened leaves, respectively. Two cyclamens, representing the two syndromes, were chosen as source plants for transmission trials in which three leafhopper species, known as vectors of IB and IC subgroup phytoplasmas, were used to inoculate cyclamen and periwinkle [Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don] test plants. Out of 366 tested plants only one periwinkle exposed to Euscelis incisus was found harbouring a 16Sr-IB phytoplasma. Out of 60 tested vector insects, only one adult of Macrosteles quadripunctulatus and two of E. incisus fed on 16Sr-IB source cyclamen gave a positive amplification signal in nested PCR. This extremely low level of transmission to both cyclamen and the very susceptible periwinkle strongly suggests that cyclamen, commonly found infected in crops, is an unsuitable species for phytoplasma acquisition and can be regarded as a dead-end host plant for phytoplasmas belonging to both IB and IC subgroups. Indications for glasshouse management are drawn from these findings. Among the leafhoppers investigated E. incisus falls most under suspicion since it feeds better than the others on cyclamen, was able to transmit the disease to one periwinkle plant, and IB phytoplasmas were detected in two individuals.
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