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Publications of Andrew Paul Gutierrez (46 listed):

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2019) 33, 282-295
A.P. Gutierrez, L. Ponti and P.A. Arias (2019)
Deconstructing the eradication of new world screwworm in North America: retrospective analysis and climate warming effects

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2018) 20, 255-271
Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Luigi Ponti, Gianni Gilioli and Johann Baumgärtner (2018)
Climate warming effects on grape and grapevine moth (Lobesia botrana) in the Palearctic region

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2017) 19, 257-273
Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Luigi Ponti, Massimo Cristofaro, Lincoln Smith and Michael J. Pitcairn (2017)
Assessing the biological control of yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis L): prospective analysis of the impact of the rosette weevil (Ceratapion basicorne (Illiger))

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 3647-3663
Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Luigi Ponti and Daniel T. Dalton (2016)
Analysis of the invasiveness of spotted wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) in North America, Europe, and the Mediterranean Basin

Journal of Pest Science (2015) 88, 469-494
Mark K. Asplen, Gianfranco Anfora, Antonio Biondi, Deuk-Soo Choi, Dong Chu, Kent M. Daane, Patricia Gibert, Andrew P. Gutierrez, Kim A. Hoelmer, William D. Hutchison, Rufus Isaacs, Zhi-Lin Jiang, Zsolt Kárpáti, Masahito T. Kimura, Marta Pascual, Christopher R. Philips, Christophe Plantamp, Luigi Ponti, Gábor Vétek, Heidrun Vogt, Vaughn M. Walton, Yi Yu, Lucia Zappalà and Nicolas Desneux (2015)
Invasion biology of spotted wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii): a global perspective and future priorities

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2014) 16, 158-173
Andrew Paul Gutierrez and Luigi Ponti (2014)
The new world screwworm: prospective distribution and role of weather in eradication

Environmental Entomology (2013) 42, 395-411
Andrew Paul Gutierrez and Luigi Ponti (2013)
Eradication of invasive species: Why the biology matters

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2013) 15, 272-284
Andrew Paul Gutierrez and Luigi Ponti (2013)
Deconstructing the control of the spotted alfalfa aphid Therioaphis maculata

Florida Entomologist (2013) 96, 1375-1391
Andrew Paul Gutierrez and Luigi Ponti (2013)
Prospective analysis of the geographic distribution and relative abundance of Asian citrus psyllid (Hemiptera: Liviidae) and citrus greening disease in North America and the Mediterranean Basin

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2012) 14, 225-238
Andrew P. Gutierrez, Luigi Ponti, Monica L. Cooper, Gianni Gilioli, Johann Baumgärtner and Carlo Duso (2012)
Prospective analysis of the invasive potential of the European grapevine moth Lobesia botrana (Den. and Schiff.) in California

Biological Invasions (2011) 13, 2661-2676
Andrew Paul Gutierrez and Luigi Ponti (2011)
Assessing the invasive potential of the Mediterranean fruit fly in California and Italy

Environmental Entomology (2011) 40, 755-769
Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Luigi Ponti, Mark Hoddle, Rodrigo P.P. Almeida and Nicola A. Irvin (2011)
Geographic distribution and relative abundance of the invasive glassy-winged sharpshooter: Effects of temperature and egg parasitoids

Biological Invasions (2010) 12, 3319-3331
Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Nicholas J. Mills and Luigi Ponti (2010)
Limits to the potential distribution of light brown apple moth in Arizona-California based on climate suitability and host plant availability

Journal of Applied Ecology (2008) 45, 524-536
A.P. Gutierrez, K.M. Daane, L. Ponti, V.M. Walton and C.K. Ellis (2008)
Prospective evaluation of the biological control of vine mealybug: Refuge effects and climate

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2007) 9, 209-214
Luigi Ponti, Miguel A. Altieri and Andrew Paul Gutierrez (2007)
Effects of crop diversification levels and fertilization regimes on abundance of Brevicoryne brassicae (L.) and its parasitization by Diaeretiella rapae (M'Intosh) in broccoli

Neotropical Entomology (2007) 36, 70-83
Andrew P. Gutierrez and Marina A. Pizzamiglio (2007)
A regional analysis of weather mediated competition between a parasitoid and a coccinellid predator of oleander scale

Environmental Entomology (2002) 31, 1197-1205
Sergine Ponsard, Andrew P. Gutierrez and Nicholas J. Mills (2002)
Effect of Bt-toxin (Cry1Ac) in transgenic cotton on the adult longevity of four heteropteran predators

Environmental Entomology (2000) 29, 76-86
Chris A. Geiger and Andrew P. Gutierrez (2000)
Ecology of Heteropsylla cubana (Homoptera: Psyllidae): Psyllid damage, tree phenology, termal relations, and parasitism in the field

Anais da Sociedade Entomológica do Brasil (1998) 27, 325-335
J.R. Cure, R.H.S. Santos, J.C. Moraes, E.F. Vilela and A.P. Gutierrez (1998)
Fenologia e Dinâmica Populacional da Broca do Café Hypothenemus hampei (Fern) Relacionadas às Fases de Desenvolvimento do Fruto
[Phenology and population dynamics of the coffee berry borer Hypothenemus hampei (Ferr.) in relation to the phenological stages of the berry]

Anais da Sociedade Entomológica do Brasil (1998) 27, 357-385
A.P. Gutierrez, A. Villacorta, J.R. Cure and C.K. Ellis (1998)
Tritrophic analysis of the coffee (Coffea arabica) - coffee berry borer [Hypothenemus hampei (Ferrari)] - parasitoid system

Phytopathology (1997) 87, 341-346
J.E. Devay, A.P. Gutierrez, G.S. Pullman, R.J. Wakeman, R.H. Garber, D.P. Jeffers, S.N. Smith, P.B. Goodell and P.A. Roberts (1997)
Inoculum densities of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum and Meloidogyne incognita in relation to the development of fusarium wilt and the phenology of cotton plants (Gossypium hirsutum)

Environmental Entomology (1997) 26, 84-90
S. Johnsen and A.P. Gutierrez (1997)
Induction and termination of winter diapause in a California strain of the cabbage maggot (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)

Entomophaga (1996) 41, 257-266
F.J. Cividanes and A.P. Gutierrez (1996)
Modeling the age-specific per capita growth and reproduction of Rhizobius lophanthae (Col.: Coccinellidae)

Revista Brasileira de Entomologia (1996) 40, 31-34
V.H.P. Bueno, A.P. Gutierrez and R.P. Scorza (1996)
Population dynamics of Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris), Acyrthosiphon kondoi Shinji and Therioaphis trifolii (Monell) (Homoptera, Aphididae) in two alfalfa varieties (Medicago sativa L.) in Albany, California, USA

Insect Science and its Application (1995) 16, 87-91
T.G. Shanower, A.P. Gutierrez and J.A. Wightman (1995)
Impact of the groundnut leafminer, Aproaerema modicella (Deventer) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) on growth and yield of two groundnut cultivars

Environmental Entomology (1995) 24, 313-325
P. Ruggles and A.P. Gutierrez (1995)
Use of life tables to assess host plant resistance in alfalfa to Therioaphis trifolii F. maculata (Homoptera: Aphidae): hypothesis for mainteneance of resistance

Entomophaga (1993) 38, 273-284
B.H.P. Bueno, A.P. Gutierrez and P. Ruggle (1993)
Parasitism by Aphidius ervi Hym. Aphididae preference for pea aphid and blue alfalfa aphid (Hom. Aphididae) and competition with Aphidius smithi

Bulletin of Entomological Research (1993) 83, 413-419
T.G. Shanower, A.P. Gutierrez and J.A. Wrightman (1993)
Effect of temperature on development rates, fecundity and longeviety of the groundnut leaf miner, Aproaerma modicella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), in India

Annals of the Entomological Society of America (1992) 85, 53-57
M.J. Pitcairn and A.P. Gutierrez (1992)
Influence of adult size on the fecundity and longeviety of Tetrastichus insertus (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)

The Canadian Entomologist (1991) 123, 315-320
J. Pickering and A.P. Gutierrez (1991)
Differential impact of the pathogen Pandora neoaphidis (R. and H.) Hunber (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales) on the species composition of Acyrthosiphon aphids in alfalfa

Bulletin of Entomological Research (1991) 81, 201-208
J.S. Yaninek, J. Baumgärtner and A.P. Gutierrez (1991)
Sampling Mononychellus tanajoa (Acari: Tetranychidae) on cassava

Journal of Applied Entomology - Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie (1991) 111, 155-165
F. Schulthess, J.U. Baumgärtner, V. Dellucchi and A.P. Gutierrez (1991)
The influence of cassava mealybug, Phenococcus manihoti Mat.-Ferr. (Hom., Pseudococcidae) on yield formation of cassava, Manihot esculenta Crantz

Environmental Entomology (1990) 19, 1767-1772
J.S. Yaninek, A.P. Gutierrez and H.R. Herren (1990)
Dynamics of Mononychellus tanajoa (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Africa: Effects on dry matter production and allocation in cassava

Environmental Entomology (1989) 18, 625-632
J.S. Yaninek, H.R. Herren and A.P. Gutierrez (1989)
Dynamics of Mononychellus tanajoa (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Africa: Seasonal factors affecting phenology and abundance

Bulletin of Entomological Research (1989) 79, 579-594
P. Neuenschwander, W.N.O. Hammond, A.P. Gutierrez, A.R. Cudjoe, R. Adjakloe, J.U. Baumgärtner and U. Regev (1989)
Impact assessment of the biological control of the cassava mealybug, Phenacoccus manihoti Matile Ferrero (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) by the introduced parasitoid Epidinocarsis lopezi (De Santis) (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae)

Environmental Entomology (1989) 18, 633-640
J.S. Yaninek, A.P. Gutierrez and H.R. Herren (1989)
Dynamics of Monoychellus tanajoa (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Africa: Experimental evidence of temperature and host plant effects on population growth rates

Journal of Applied Ecology (1988) 25, 941-950
A.P. Gutierrez, J.S. Yaninek, B. Wermelinger, H.R. Herren and C.K. Ellis (1988)
Analysis of biological control of cassava pests in Africa: III. Cassava green mite Mononychellus tanajoa

Insect Science and its Application (1987) 8, 861-865
J.S. Yaninek, H.R. Herren and A.P. Gutierrez (1987)
The biological basis for the seasonal outbreak of cassava green mites in Africa

Insect Science and its Application (1987) 8, 919-924
A.P. Gutierrez, B. Wermelinger, F. Schulthess, J.U. Baumgärtner, J.S. Yaninek, H.R. Herrren, P. Neuenschwander, B. Löhr, W.N.O. Hammond and C.K. Ellis (1987)
An overview of a systems model of cassava pests in Africa

Environmental Entomology (1986) 15, 494-500
Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Marina Angela Pizzamiglio, Walter Jorge Dos Santos, Amador Villacorta and K.D. Gallagher (1986)
Analysis of diapause induction and termination in Pectinophora gossypiella in Brazil

Environmental Entomology (1986) 15, 555-561
R.M. Nowierski and A.P. Gutierrez (1986)
Microhabitat distribution and spatial dispersion patterns of the walnut aphid, Chromaphis juglandicola (Homoptera: Aphididae), in California

Environmental Entomology (1984) 13, 236-242
C.G. Summers, R.L. Coviello and A.P. Gutierrez (1984)
Influence of constant temperatures on the development and reproduction of Acyrthosiphon kondoi (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Environmental Entomology (1983) 12, 680-686
R.M. Nowierski, A.P. Gutierrez and J.S. Yaninek (1983)
Estimation of thermal thresholds and age-specific life table parameters for the walnut aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) under field conditions

Environmental Entomology (1982) 11, 246-250
L.T. Wilson, A.P. Gutierrez and D.B. Hogg (1982)
Within-plant distribution of cabbage looper, Trichoplusia ni (Hübner) on cotton: Development of a sampling plan for eggs

Environmental Entomology (1981) 10, 864-871
A.P. Gutierrez, R. Daxl, G. Leon Quant and L.A. Falcon (1981)
Estimating economic thresholds for bollworm, Heliothis zea Boddie, and boll weevil, Anthonomus grandis Boh., damage in Nicaraguan cotton, Gossypium hirsutum L.

Environmental Entomology (1981) 10, 936-942
A.P. Gutierrez, G.D. Butler Jr. and C.K. Ellis (1981)
Pink bollworm: Diapause induction and termination in relation to fluctuating temperatures and decreasing photophases