Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2015) 35, 793-802

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Stéphanie Saussure, Manuel Plantegenest, Jean-Baptiste Thibord, Philippe Larroudé and Sylvain Poggi (2015)
Management of wireworm damage in maize fields using new, landscape-scale strategies
Agronomy for Sustainable Development 35 (2), 793-802
Abstract: Crop-damaging wireworms—the soil-dwelling larvae of click beetles—have resurged in Europe over the past 15 years, particularly in French maize crops. There is currently no curative treatment available to control wireworms, and preventive treatments are mainly chemical. We therefore need to better understand factors that rule damage for developing agroecological control strategies. In this investigation, we tested the effect of agricultural practices and local landscape on wireworm damage in maize crops. We surveyed wireworm damage in 341 fields under various conditions in western France in 2011 and 2012. We used in particular a random forest algorithm to impute missing values and an automated model selection routine to select the best beta regression model. Our results show that the occurrence of grassland in the rotation increases wireworm damage. Tillage also shows a high influence, though varying with season and year. Wireworm damage is decreased by the presence of hedges or cultivated crops at the field border, whereas it is increased by the presence of grassland at the field border. Overall, our findings provide some insights to develop preventive solutions for the sustainable control of wireworms, as well as a framework for data processing to analyze a wide range of similar situations involving other crops and pests.
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